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Alan Miller, President/CEO

E-mail: , Website: , Phone: 317-363-4108

Alan Miller, CEO AMD LASERS, LLC is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of medical and dental industry experience.  Mr. Miller has been involved with the design, marketing, sales and support of some of the most revolutionary medical and dental products in the market.  His first entrepreneurial venture into the medical device field included the design of the world’s first mobile catherization laboratory, which revolutionized the way in which expensive technologies were delivered to rural American hospitals.  For the next several years, Alan devoted his time to working with various medical companies and helped them market and sell products such as Acucam (low-cost intraoral camera), digital X-Ray systems, and lasers.  Next, Alan spent five years with Biolase a leading hard and soft tissue laser company.  His most recent venture prior to starting AMD LASERS, LLC was National Laser Technology, Inc. the world’s largest after-market sales and service company specializing in hard-tissue dental lasers.  AMD LASERS, which launched in 2008, is now the manufacturer of the world’s best selling diode lasers, Picasso™ and Picasso Lite™.  Alan is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana which is also where the corporate office for AMD LASERS , LLC is located.  You can reach Alan at

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Alan Miller, President/CEO

Mr. Alan Miller is the President and CEO of AMD LASERS.
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