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Welcome to Dental Tribune Study Club

The goal of Dental Tribune Study Club is to become the standard practice for dentists worldwide, not only in continued education, but in communications of all kinds. Through it's membership this club will inspire new possibilities and create higher expectations. Join us for further expand your networking possibilities, while we bring local events to global audiences.

Considering all the new concepts emerging in dentistry, it is not surprising that many practitioners are finding it difficult to stay up to date. The assessment of new products and techniques is a major challenge facing dentists, such as yourself, today. This may be especially true for those of you who are in a single dentist practice, with only occasional professional communication with other practitioners.

Study clubs can help increase this interaction, providing you with the opportunity to gain knowledge about such products through your colleagues' experimentation and analysis or even from respected opinion leaders directly. Indeed, dental study clubs provide a quintessential opportunity for dentists to "meet with" other dentists and their team members and to learn in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

Bringing the study club online takes this concept to the next level, as interaction occurs world-wide. Suddenly, the educational mix is enhanced by various cultures and fresh perspectives.