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The Winning Combination

Jill Taylor, RDH

, Release date: Sunday, November 27, 2011, Expiration date: Thursday, November 27, 2014

recorded webinar


Course Fee: $ 49.00


The best time to invest in training is now

In today’s economy, a well-focused perio department will not only add value for your patients, but it will increase the bottom line of both the restorative and perio departments in your practice. Utilizing a Comprehensive care approach will distinguish your practice from the traditional offices by providing high quality care thus generating practice growth.

Revive your hygiene department and transition from frustrating prophies to customized periodontal therapy and improve your esthetic and restorative treatment outcomes through the dental hygiene department.

Successful restorative and aesthetic procedures are dependent upon establishing strong foundations of periodontal health for your patients. After attending this course, participants will understand Periodontal Risk Assessment incorporating the Medical Model.

This program will begin to outline ideal comprehensive care and help the hygienist understand why advanced technologies can help your patients achieve superior results.  

Create healthy patients and promote a healthy practice by enrolling your patients in individualized and comprehensive care both restoratively and periodontally.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the impact on patients and the practice of tradition-based dentistry, under diagnosing and under treating periodontal disease.
  • Discuss the “traditional” treatment plan versus the customized, comprehensive, treatment plan protocol, identifying advanced technologies to take your practice to the next level of comprehensive care.
  • Maximize the hygiene department to assist your practice with an increase in restorative and esthetic case acceptance.



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Jill Taylor, RDH


Jill Taylor graduated from the Community College of Southern Nevada in 1987 with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. She has worked in clinical practices as a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 23 years, recently retiring from the Exceptional Dental Practice in Las Vegas, Nevada and pursuing her independent consulting full time.  She has recently joined Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as their Hygiene Program Director. She is also a member of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA).

In the clinical setting, Jill specialized in non-surgical periodontal treatment, with special emphasis on Molecular Testing and Laser Therapy.  She previously worked with Premier Laser and became certified on two different lasers in 1997.  Jill has co-authored several articles appearing in well-respected dental journals regarding Laser applications in periodontal therapy.  In addition to being a published author, Jill is an accomplished speaker who presents on topics including Molecular Testing, Restorative Communication and Acceptance, and Laser Therapy in Periodontal Treatment. 

In her private practice, Jill had achieved positive and predictable results supporting restorative and aesthetic case acceptance by utilizing the JP Consultants Clinical Model since 1991.  She is trained in the newest technologies and treatments available and brings extensive knowledge of current science and research into every training she facilitates. Her work with the Las Vegas Institute allows her to express her enthusiasm for the future of dental hygiene while training others in the most up-to-date methods of patient care.*dots*-Parts-I*em22*-II*em22*-III-5-1071/small.jpg

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