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Six Steps to a Paperless Practice

Lorne Lavine, DDS

Most dental practices have come to realize how quickly technology has become part of everyday life in the practice.
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Connecting You To Your Potential: Image Is Everything?

Judy Kay Mausolf

Is your personal and professional image inspired by who you are inside and where you want to go? Your image is a statement that sets other’
Free 2 CE Practice Management

The Neuromuscular Practice-Putting it all Together

Prabu Raman, DDS

Exceptional clinical skills in Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) are very important. However, implementing this knowledge in a private practice
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Effective Communication Skills to Use With Your Patients

In this course, Mary H. Osborne will help participants begin a discovery process with their patients that will support them in moving toward
$199.00 1 CE Practice Management

Technology and Your Team

Are you tech-savvy? Dr. John Jameson, in this edition of Excellence in Practice Management, tackles the many challenges and benefits linked
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management*and*-Recognition-5-293/small.jpg

Team Productivity & Recognition

When someone walks into your office, would that person say your practice feels cold and impersonal, or is it one that radiates warmth and ca
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

Get Your Patients to Say Yes Almost Every Time

What do you do when a patient says “No” to treatment you recommend? An excuse that they can’t afford it might ring hollow if you see their n
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

Are Your Fees Too High — or Too Low?

If patients cannot tell the difference between two practices, they’ll decide based on price.
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

The Team Meeting

To run a strong, performance-driven practice, you need to know how to run an effective staff meeting. Dr. Cathy Jameson, in this edition of
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

Staff Recruiting and Training

Sally McKenzie checks in with Dr. Howard Farran about important staffing issues for your dental practice in this edition of Excellence in Pr
$99.00 1 CE Practice Management

The Power of Internal Marketing

Bernie Stoltz checks in with Dr. Michael Koczarski on internal marketing and patient relations, in this edition of Excellence in Practice Ma
$99.00 1 CE Practice Management

Integrating Technology for Maximum Benefit

To help your practice experience greater success, you need team members who understand new technological advances in diagnosis — and who hav
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

Marketing to External Audiences

Yes, you CAN make your practice “top-of-mind” for prospective patients! You CAN create intrigue in your community! You can even tap into th
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management

Use Technology to Increase Case Acceptance

How would you like to grow your practice profits from $100,000 to $300,000 in a year?
$79.00 1 CE Practice Management*em7*--Levin-2-2626/small.jpg

Increasing Patient Loyalty, Referrals and Production:

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Practices need excellent customer service to reach their production potential. The most successful practices provide both outstanding patien
$95.00 1 CE Practice Management
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