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Root Canal Irrigation

Dr. Matthias Zehnder

After an initial hype related to the purported improved mechanical root canal cleaning capacity of rotary nickel-titanium instruments compar
$49.00 1 CE Endodonticsörg--Schröder-2-6781/small.jpg

Management of Iatrogenic Perforations

Dr. Jörg Schröder

Tooth and root perforations represent significant complications, which worsen clearly the prognosis of the tooth affected. Most perforations
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Dens Invaginatus: Treatment Options

Dr. Sashi Nallapati

Dens Invaginatus is a rare dental anomaly also known as dens in dente. This Clinical condition poses an extreme challenge in its clinical ma
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Three Canal Premolars: An Endodontic Challenge

Dr. Sashi Nallapati

It’s a well known fact that mandibular premolars have some of the most complex root canal anatomy. Three canals in maxillary and mandibular
$49.00 Endodontics

Endo-Perio Lesions

Holger Dennhardt, DDS

Perio Endo Lesions seems to be the black hole of endodontic and periodontal treatment. While true combined Endo-Perio-Lesions are normally r
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

MTA, Bioceramics materials and the future perspective in this field

Dr. Eduardo Bortoluzzi

This year, MTA is celebrating 17 years of experimental and clinical success. Due to its remarkable biological and physical properties, MTA b
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Luxation Injuries: Long Term Outcomes

Frederic Barnett, D.M.D.
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Pulp Regeneration/Revascularization

Frederic Barnett, D.M.D.

When the immature tooth undergoes pulpal necrosis secondary to trauma or caries, the result is a very compromised tooth with thin dentinal w
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics*em5*a--Puente-2-6779/small.jpg

Rationale Shaping: When, How & Which file?

Dr. Carlos García Puente

After a critical revision of the mechanized instrumentation, we will analyze the different instruments available on the market and the sugge
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics*em22*-originally-recorded-in-Barcelona*em22*-Spain-5-158/small.jpg

The Roots Summit 2010, originally recorded in Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Carlos Murgel / Dr. Carlos García Puente / Dr. Eduardo Bortoluzzi / Dr. Enrique Merino / Frederic Barnett, D.M.D. / Glenn van As, BSc. , D.M.D / Hans Willi Herrmann / Holger Dennhardt, DDS / Dr. Jörg Schröder / Jose M. Hoyo, D.M.D.,

The Roots Summit is back with a vengeance 2010.
$299.00 15 CE Endodontics

Way down to the root end: Preparing root canals safely and predictable in “easy and not so easy” cases

Hans Willi Herrmann

During the last two decades, the introduction of rotary nickel titanium instruments and dental operating microscopes into dentistry has made
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Endodontics in the Real World

In this course, Dr. Dennis Brave and Dr. Ken Koch of Real World Endo will present simple techniques to diagnose difficult endodontic cases.
$199.00 2 CE Endodontics

Mastering the Art of Endodontics

In this course, Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan will discuss the relationship between the specialist and the generalist in using root canal therapy
$95.00 1 CE Endodontics

Class II Restorations

David Clark, D.D.S.

Posterior composites - even 25 years after their introduction - remain unpredictable.
$199.00 2 CE Endodontics

Using State-of-the-Art Endodontic Techniques to Master the ‘Game Within the Game’

Dr. John West, widely recognized as one of premier clinical and interdisciplinary endodontic educators in the country, offers his brand of l
$199.00 2 CE Endodontics
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