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Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, Take it to the Next Level

David Buck, DDS

, Release date: Monday, June 13, 2011, Expiration date: Friday, June 13, 2014

recorded webinar


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This presentation will take the LVI “Smile” Design Rules as a foundation for smile design, and greatly expand it to enhance the esthetic outcome of cosmetic cases.

These concepts will allow Doctors to gain exceptional control over their anterior cases to produce stunningly beautiful results. Often intricate and subtle aspects of design are overlooked or missed , and too much attention is paid to shade of anterior cases. Although a bright shade of anterior teeth can be pleasing to the eye, the subjective, deeper, and often greater impact to the observer comes from transcendent appreciation of the beauty in design of the smile. Dr. Buck has assembled multiple concepts all demonstrated with photography to allow the attendee to achieve this often unexplainable, yet profound impact on the outcome of an anterior cosmetic case. This information is practical and can be implemented immediately into the delivery of anterior cosmetic dentistry.

  • Lab communication and necessary photographs for case planning
  • Clinical technique refinement for occlusal plane control
  • Lab communication,  Dr. generated requests to allow lab control over planning and outcomes
  • Common prep design errors that hamstring the lab and negatively affect the outcome
  • Temporaries and Photographs… the power of the “trial” smile
  • Gingival  tissue management for enhancement of cosmetic cases
  • *”Hidden” gems rarely used in design of the cuspid to overcome the  “ugliness” of most cuspids in anterior  cases
  • the power of the lateral incisor, and how it affects the beauty of cosmetic cases
  • Integration of multiple concepts to facilitate striking beauty in a key element of anterior cases, the   distolabial profile of the central incisor

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David Buck, DDS


Dr. Buck maintains a full time private practice in Seattle, WA dedicated to neuromuscular TMJ/TMD, cosmetic dentistry and biocompatible dentistry. Dr. Buck treats complex neuromuscular full mouth cases, and provides NM based treatment for TMJ pain patients. He also has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, and has established a regional reputation for excellence in having a biocompatible practice. He has published in LVI Visions on pulp capping protocols.  Dr. Buck finished the LVI core curriculum in 2002 and was appointed as a clinical instructor in 2003. In 2006 he was appointed as a regional director for LVI. In 2008 he received mastership status through LVI.

Dr. Buck regularly lectures to dentists about topics in neuromuscular TMJ treatments, cosmetics, and developing an esthetic " all bonded" restorative practice, in addition to his clinical instructing on campus at LVI.

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