Mon, 2 November
3:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: Why Practices Need to Implement Retail Healthcare

Speaker(s): Dr. Ryan Hungate DDS

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Live Webinar: Why Practices Need to Implement Retail Healthcare

Dr. Ryan Hungate DDS

Patients are increasingly going online to search for dental care options. Learn how digital healthcare tools can help your practice get new patients and keep them coming back.

Take a deep dive into the importance of retail healthcare with the founder and CEO of Simplifeye, Dr. Ryan Hungate. In this dental webinar, he tackles the issues clinicians face in attracting new patients and how implementing retail healthcare into a practice can make a huge impact not only on their bottom line but on the patient and staff experience. He breaks down the typical patient journey and presents efficient, smart solutions to better serve them every step of the way.


Release date: 02/11/2020
Expiration date: 02/11/2023


Dr. Ryan Hungate DDS

Dr. Ryan Hungate is a practicing orthodontist and the founder/CEO of Simplifeye, Inc. Prior to going into dentistry, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple, Inc. designing the Apple retail workflow with industry veteran and Apple SVP, Ron Johnson. He then attended Indiana University Dental School for his DDS, and completed his specialty training in Orthodontics at the University of Southern California. Throughout his academic years, Dr. Hungate aspired to create a better workflow for university clinics and eventually private practitioners. He is responsible for pioneering new methods of orthognathic surgical planning and created a patented and commercialized 3D surgical splint that increases surgical accuracy. Dr. Hungate is now creating new ways to implement innovative live chat technology that allows doctors to schedule more new patients and even hold instant telehealth visits. He is also using modern payment infrastructure to reduce overhead and bad debt. He currently lives in New York, NY with his amazing wife Lauren.

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