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MIMI-Flapless in Perfection: Immediate Implantations with the (R)Evolution White (Metal-Free pZircono Implant) and Smart Grinder (Autologous Bone Graft from Extracted Teeth) – the Big Chance!

Dr. Armin Nedjat

Immediate implantation: extraction and implantation in one session is the best time for a successful ‘Socket Preservationā€›.

Dental implantology, General dentistry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Oral health, Other webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
101st FDI Congress – MIMIĀ®-Flapless Surgery

Dr. Armin Nedjat

Immediate Loading Immediate Implantation (extraction & implantation in one session) The (R)Evolution in the field of Implantology! Studies, basic rules and procedures for having success.

General dentistry webinar
Minimally invasive implant dentistry for the general practitioner

Ron Kaminer DDS , Dr. Armin Nedjat

The program will cover the complete technique of minimally invasive implant surgery and prosthetic restoration. Even the general practitioner new to implant dentistry will be able to incorporate the simplified surgical technique into his/her practice.

Dental implantology webinar
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