Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona 1981
  • Specialization in Stomatology from the Universidad of Barcelona 1983
  • Postgraduate degree in Dental Esthetics from the Baylor College of Dentistry (Dallas-Texas) 1996
  • Certificate in Advanced Restorative of Esthetics from the University of Texas 2000
  • Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry A.E.E.D. 2000
  • Master Art of Direct Resin Bonding from the Center for Esthetic Excellence (Chicago) 2001
  • USC International Esthetic Update (Los Angeles 2006)
  • Member of various scientific societies
  • Speaker in over 23 national and international congresses, teacher in conferences and courses in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, United States, Japan and Italy
  • Author of over 2 articles published in national and international journals
  • Founder and Director of Autrán Dental  and Autrán Dental Academy (Barcelona) with private practice in Esthetic Rehabilitation since 1996
  • Director of La Trilogía de la Estética Dental (over 900 dentists from Spain and Portugal have attended the Course in Esthetics of the Front Teeth)
  • Teacher in over 180 courses in Esthetic Rehabilitation and Composites
  • Director of Postgraduate Diploma in Minimally Invasive Esthetic Rehabilitation of SCOE (Academia de Ciencias Medicas de Cataluña y Baleares) from 2011 to 2019
  • Visiting Professor in the Masters in Esthetics and Esthetic Rehabilitation in the Universities of Almería, Salamanca, Valladolid and UCAM
  • Director of the University Master in Medium and High Complexity  Esthetic Oral Rehabilitation of ADA- UCAM since 2018
  • Director of the Board of the Societat Catalana d´Odonto Estomatología from 2014 to 2020
  • Vice president of the Board of Dentists and Stomatologists of Catalonia from 2014 to Oct 2017

Webinars by Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu

The Toku-Global Festival live from Venice

Vincenzo Musella DMD-MDT , Dr. Noboru Takahashi , Prof. Jean-Pierre Salomon , Prof. Bart Van Meerbeek , Angelo Putignano MD, DDS , Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu , Dr. Newton Fahl Jr. DDS, MS , Prof. Junji Tagami , Dr. Javier Cremades Aparicio , Dr. Andrea Fabianelli , Prof. Jacques Lalevée , Prof. Dr. Simone Grandini

A unique ending, in a magical place for a meeting with 10 top international speakers

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