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Brett Taylor, BDS

Brett is a textbook example of what happens when the class clown refuses to grow up. Is his "hey look at me" attitude a desperate cry for attention? What other personality disorders does he have? These and many other questions will not be answered during this lecture. Brett constantly tries to be funny and very occasionally succeeds, but come along anyway because it's a lot funnier when he fails spectacularly. His irreverent attitude makes him a favourite among people who like irreverent attitudes. He is widely acknowledged as a master of PrimeSpeak by people how have no idea how little he knows. He has a lot of respect for Michael Sernik and promises to be moderately well behaved (by his very modest standards) during this lecture. He hates writing his own bio. 

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Unconventional Wisdom or Conventional Stupidity?

Brett Taylor, BDS

"I've tried absolutely nothing new and it still hasn't worked!!" To be above average, it helps to be different.
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