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Sofia Dental Meeting 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria

, Release date: Thursday, September 27, 2012, Expiration date: Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Sofia Dental Meeting 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria

It offered each participant vast learning opportunities in all spheres of dental medicine. Our mission was to stimulate the dental practitioners from all over the world to continuously improve their knowledge and skills and thus practice their profession in accordance with the highest standards.

2012 Sofia Dental Meeting was particularly special as it was the Fifth Anniversary of the congress. The rich scientific program featured the most topical themes and controversial issues from our daily practice.

27 September 2012


Capsulitis, Trismus or Non-Reducing Disc Displacement?  Craniofacial Pain Disorders Common to the General Dental Practice 

Dr. Jamison Spencer

Craniofacial pain and TMJ disorders are often confusing and difficult to accurately diagnose and treat.  This lecture will provide the attendee with the background and knowledge to differentially diagnose and treat the most common craniofacial pain and TM disorders encountered in the dental practice.  Included in the lecture will be a head and neck anatomy review, principles of examination, imaging techniques, differential diagnosis and basic treatment protocols.  

11.30 – 13.00

The Dentist’s Role in the Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing 

Dr. Jamison Spencer

The diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring has exploded!  Dentists are uniquely placed as primary care clinicians to be instrumental in the screening, referral and treatment of patients with sleep apnea and snoring problems as part of a medical/dental team.  Oral appliance therapy has become a first line therapy for many patients, and is often the only viable hope for patients who have given up on CPAP.  This lecture will give the attendee the background and tools they need to literally save the lives of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.


Preparation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers
part 1

Dr. George Iliev, Bulgaria

The demonstration will begin with a video shot in the dental office of Dr. Iliev. It will present in detail the analysis of the case, the selection of a treatment method, the preparation of two central incisors for porcelain laminate veneers and the fabrication of provisionals. Attendees will observe a live demonstration of the impression taking technique.


Protocol for Fixation of Porcelain Laminate Veneers
part 2

Dr. George Iliev, Bulgaria

In the second part of the demonstration a short video from the dental laboratory will be shown. It will present the fabrication of the definitive veneers by the dental technician. The full adhesive protocol for fixation of the veneers will be demonstrated live, as well as the final adjustments ensuring a natural-looking esthetic outcome.

28 September 2012


Endodontic retreatment under the microscope. Removal of a separated endodontic instrument
Dr. Ivan Yovchev, Bulgaria

A minimally invasive protocol for removal of a separated instrument will be demonstrated. You will learn a method specially developed by Dr. Yovchev for dealing with such clinical situations. The necessary instruments depending on the type of the fragment will be presented, along with many practical tips for specific clinical situations.


Treatment of multiple recessions
Prof. Andre Saadoun, France

Attendees will observe the surgical correction of class 3 multiple recessions in the frontal area extending beyond the muco-gingival junction. A partial thickness envelope flap will be elevated and careful debridement of the root surfaces will be carried out. A connective tissue graft or alloderm will be applied, followed by coronal repositioning and suturing of the flap.

29 September 2012


Frenulotomy, Periodontal curettage, Cavity preparation, Implant uncovering with an Er-Yag and MD Biolase lasers
Dr. Avi Reyhanian, Israel

Lasers provide efficient and elegant solutions in various clinical situations. Some of the most common applications of Er-Yag and MD Biolase lasers in dentistry will be demonstrated by the world-famous experts in the field – Dr. Norberto Berna and Dr. Avi Reyhanian.


Composite Veneers in Anterior Teeth
Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy

Direct composite veneers are a fast and efficient alternative to porcelain laminate veneers. You will learn a new original technique for fabrication of direct composite veneers, offering high esthetics at low risk and cost while at the same time leaving the door open to future treatments with other materials.

30 September 2012


A protocol for achievement of predictable esthetic results in implantology
Prof. Carlo Tinti, Italy

A clinical case with significantly reduced width and height of the alveolar ridge in the frontal region will be presented. The attendees will observe a complicated surgical procedure involving horizontal and vertical bone grafting combined with an immediate implant placement.



Fabrication of an adhesive bridge using glassfibers
Dr. Elena Yoncheva, Bulgaria

Adhesive bridges are an excellent treatment option in cases of a single missing tooth. This clinical demonstration will present the full protocol of fabrication of a fiber-reinforced adhesive bridge. After careful planning of the construction and isolation of the operating field, a minimally invasive technique for preparation of the abutment teeth will be demonstrated, followed by the application of the glass fiber, the incremental composite build-up and, finally, the finishing and polishing procedure.


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