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Retreatment or Implants: Are the endodontists capable to decide?

Dr. Carlos Murgel

, Release date: Saturday, June 05, 2010, Expiration date: Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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Abstract: Since the introduction and acceptance of osseointegrated dental implants in modern dentistry, endodontics has been challenged on its ability to keep healthy and functional teeth.

From rescuers to bad guys was a fast transformation and there is a strong international movement to extract savagable teeth and place osseointegrated dental implants instead of retreating them. Unfortunately to worse and even reinforce this new reality the endodontists are voicing against osseointegrated dental implants as if they were the enemies to be fought. It is fundamental that the endodontists learn how to diagnosis, treatment plan, know deeply about osseointegrated dental implants to be a key player on treatment plans and not excluded as it is happening now. This presentation will focus all these issues and how new technologies can help endodontists to retreat only the teeth that have a long term prognosis and consequently reinforce the perception of endodontics as the specialty of teeth savers.

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Carlos Murgel


Formado em Odontologia na FORP-USP.

Residência em Endodotia pela University of Iowa.

Doutor em Endodontia pela University of Iowa.

Idealizador e Implementador do Primeiro Centro de Ensino de Microscopia Operatória do Brasil e da America Latina em 1995 na FOP-UNICAMP.

Professor de endodontia e microscopia operatoria da EAP.APCD.

Membro do Editorial Board do Journal of Endodontics.

Professor de Microscopia Opertória e Endodontia da Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation San Diego, CA USA.

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