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Questions and Answers with a Dental Embezzlement Expert

Your chance to ask questions to David Harris, the “Dental Fraud Guru”

David Harris, MBA, CMA FICB CD, Licensed Private Investigator

, Release date: Monday, May 28, 2012, Expiration date: Thursday, May 28, 2015

recorded webinar




The best time to invest in training is now

David Harris, the “dental fraud guru” will answer some of the most-asked questions about fraud in dental offices, and will respond to questions from the audience.

Participants will have a chance to ask their own questions about fraud, and will have the chance to learn more about:

  • Psychology of dental office thieves
  • Demographic profile of a typical thief
  • Findings from the most recent research into dental fraud
  • The effectiveness of various anti-fraud tools

The speaker will answer your questions

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David Harris, MBA, CMA FICB CD, Licensed Private Investigator


David Harris is CEO of Prosperident, a company he founded in 1989 and built into the world’s largest company specializing in the detection and investigation of embezzlement committed against dental practices.  

Prosperident’s team of specialized investigators is consulted on hundreds of frauds annually in North America and Australia committed against both general dentists and dental specialists.  David has the distinct pleasure of hearing cell doors slam shut on many embezzlers.

David Harris is a licensed private investigator.  He also has an undergraduate business degree and a graduate degree in applied business mathematics and possesses professional designations in accounting, dental consulting and banking.  

David is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. 

David has been interviewed on the subject of fraud by many dental publications including The Dental Tribune (which dubbed him the “Dental Fraud Guru”), DentalTown, The Progressive Dentist and Impact, the magazine of the Academy of General Dentistry.  He is also a prolific writer and authors or co-authors a dozen or more articles annually that appear in these and other dental publications. 

He has also lectured at several US and Canadian universities in the faculties of business, law and dentistry.

David has spoken at regional, national and international dental conferences.  He is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker who draws on a vast amount of experience in his field.

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