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PCI and HIPPAA Compliance “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”

Brian Sachs

, Release date: Saturday, November 26, 2011, Expiration date: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

recorded webinar


Course Fee: $ 49.00


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Brian Sachs, a 20+ veteran in the payment card industry and data security, will be lecturing on key regulation that has impacted his (and everyone’s) industry. Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules now require that every business that accepts credit card payment must become PCI compliant.

In addition, HIPAA rules require the implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans and complete protection of patient data.  Brian will be discussing these rules and implications of non-compliance, as well as proven remediation plans to protect your practice.

Learning objectives:

  • PCI and HIPAA Regulations that impact the dental industry;
  • What steps must be done to protect a dental practice against data breach and loss;
  • Compliance regulation changes for 2011 and fines.

The speaker will answer your questions

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Brian Sachs


Mr. Brian Sachs is President of Albion Inc.  Albion provides merchant processing and regulatory compliance services to over seven thousand businesses nationwide.  Mr. Sachs has over 20 years of experience consulting small businesses on payment processing, regulatory compliance and data privacy.  Mr. Sachs speaks regularly on PCI and HIPAA regulatory compliance and specializes in risk management consulting focused on the medical and professional service industries.*em7**em7**em7*-The-Video-Granddaddy-of-Social-Media-*em11*Part-6-of-6*em12*-5-14/small.jpg

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