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Laser C.E. Magazine - Vol. 2, No. 2/2012

Giuseppe Iaria, MD, DDS / Merita Bardhoshi, DDS

, Release date: Friday, June 08, 2012, Expiration date: Monday, June 08, 2015

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ARTICLE FEE: $ 20.00

Part I (Kimmel)

Article: LANAP: Laser-assisted new attachment procedure

Author: David A. Kimmel, DMD

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:

  • Learn the benefits of LANAP over conventional surgery.
  • Understand the steps involved in the LANAP protocol.
  • Evaluate the results from two clinical cases of LANAP.
  • Better understand the role the laser plays in the LANAP protocol.  
Disclosures: Certified instructor for LANAP

Part II (M. Bardoshi)

Article: The 980 nm diode laser: A good modality for the treatment of prominent frenulum

Authors: Merita Bardhoshi, DDS; Esat Bardhoshi, DDS, MSc; and Ina Thereska, DDS, MSc

Educational Objectives:

Utilize an effective surgical technique  to perform  frenulumectomie.

  • Organize well for laser safety of staff and patients before each treatment.  
  • Be sure to the properties of diode laser 980 nm .
  • Better understand the advantages of laser in treatment of prominent frenulum.
  • Using properly technical parameter of surgery to avoid thermal damage of tissue.

Part III (Iaria)

Article: Enamel alterations

Author: Prof. Giuseppe Iaria, MD, DDS

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:

  • Utilize an efficient and effective approach to perform restorative dentistry using a laser.
  • Organize the proper instrumentation in an orderly manner for the procedure.
  • Be more confident during each phase of the procedure.
  • Better understand the necessary steps to achieve predictable results.
  • Avoid unnecessary complications before they occur.


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Giuseppe Iaria, MD, DDS

  • Prof.a.c. University of Genoa-Italy
  • President IAHT -  International Academy of High Tech
  • President ALDI - ALD Italian study Club
  • Master ALD
  • Dental Laser Educator ALD
  • Leon Goldman Award 2011 for Clinical Excellence
  • Qualified in Medicine and Surgery,1984, Univ of Milan; 
  • Post-graduate: Dentist, 1987; Orthodontist, 1989-University of Milan. 
  • Master of Academy of Laser Dentistry, CA 1999.
  • Dental Laser Educator UCSF, 2000.
  • Certified ISLD – Int. Soc. Laser Dent., Italy, 2004.
  • Member of the Science and Research Committee ALD,2006/2007. 
  • Referee and Editorial Board Member for several dental journal. 
  • Speaker at important International conferences.
  • Leon Goldman Award for Clinical Excallence – S. Diego 2011.
  • President I.A.H.T.-International Academy of High Tech. President ALD Italian Study Club
  • Teacher and lecturer on lasers in dentistry at the University of Genoa.
  • He works and lives in Brescia-Italy.

Merita Bardhoshi, DDS


Merita Bardhoshi received her DDS from Tirana University in 1994. In 2003 she received a diploma of specialization as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon from Tirana University . Since 2005, she has been a lecturer in the Oral and Maxillofacial Department, Medicine Faculty, Tirane, Albania. In 2011, she received the title of Medicine Doctor. In 2011 she received a “Mastership Curriculum” certificate from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Some of her research has been already been published in laser, the international magazine of laser dentistry, and also presented at various international congresses.

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