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Common Oral Complications of Medication Use

Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD

The purpose of this course is to provide oral health professionals with information regarding the assessment of oral complications of medica
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Sofia Dental Meeting 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Dental Meeting 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria
$150.00 World Symposia

Periodontal Disease and Diabetes: A Two-Way Street to Health Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Donna Jornsay, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator / Lauren Gueits, Registered Dental Hygienist
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Periodontal and Prosthetic Management of Furcated Teeth: Parts I, II, III

Dennis Tarnow, DDS

While the trend is certainly to insert more implants, clinicians should be familiar with treatment alternatives, their pros and cons.
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Oral Surgery 101 (Basics of Oral Surgery)

Jay B. Reznick, D.M.D., M.D.
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Periodontal Disease and Inflammation: Rethinking How We Manage Patients

David W. Paquette, DMD, MPH, DMSc

Periodontal disease is one the most common chronic conditions affecting patients and populations. Accordingly, the disease is initiated by e
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Dental Tribune Study Club C.E. Symposia at the 100th FDI Annual World Dental Congress, Hong Kong

Dental Tribune Study Club C.E. Symposia at the 100th FDI Annual World Dental Congress, Hong Kong
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Eating Disorders: Medical and Dental Considerations

Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS

Eating disorders have become a problem that is epidemic on our college campuses with possible life threatening implications. This presentati
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Dry Mouth and Associated Complications

Cesar Migliorati, Professor and Chair

Saliva is critical for maintenance of good oral health. Key actions of saliva include: buffering to prevent an acidic oral environment which
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Fiber Splinting of Teeth and Natural Tooth Pontic

Mahesh Chauhan, BDS

A technique which can retain, slightly mobile teeth by means of splinting for a long time in patient's mouth in a healthy state; has high ac
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Utilizing 3D imaging: The New Standard of Care

Alan Winter, DDS, FACD

Once used sparingly, CT imaging has become more commonplace over the last decade, yet not all dentists recognize its value nor how it can af
$39.00 1 CE Implantology

Pearls in Dental Therapeutics

Sebastian Ciancio, DDS

When patients ask “What products should I use for better oral health?”, dental practitioners should be able to provide evidence based answer
Free 1 CE Periodontics

All Diode Lasers are NOT the Same!

Scott Benjamin, DDS

The increasing number of lasers and their soft tissue applications are leading to much confusion of the role diode lasers play in dentistry.
Free 1 CE Lasers

The use of short dental implants in reduced alveolar bone height

Eli Raviv, DMD, Associate Professor of Dentistry

Sinus lift and onlay bone grafting are invasive procedures. Due to the risks and morbidity of the procedures, costs and time, patients are r
Free 1 CE Implantology

"Stop Watching": Detecting caries around dental restorations with The Canary System

Cathy Tasevski, RDH

Imagine being able to offer your patients the ability to detect lesions around the margins of restorations. Lesions not seen on x-rays or v
Free 1 CE General Dentistry
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