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Changing the face of dentistry

Dr. Myles Holt

“A Smile doesn’t end with beautiful teeth – nor should Dentists!” This is the catch cry of Dr Myles Holt who believes that Dentists owe it t
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Anti-oxidants oral health protection and aesthetics from within

Dr. Myles Holt

Nutritional counselling within the dental practice traditionally involves a singular, simplistic message to patients regarding the evils of
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Why tissue and bone health sometimes may not be optimal after implant placement or even profitable, and how today’s technology can solve both these problems

Dr. Leo Malin

Many doctors that do implants claim a 90-95% “success rate”. But success in many of these cases is defined as not losing the implant. The
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Heart Disease: The #1 Killer!

Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS

This course will look at risk factors and preventive strategies for heart disease including lifestyle choices to reduce our risk of developi
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True Restoratively Driven Implant Dentistry Through 3D Planning

Scott Ganz, DMD
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Bruxism and Implant Restorations

Ίλεια Ρούσσου

Based on clinical experience, probably every dentist would group bruxers into a high-risk category for technical and mechanical complication
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Diode Laser Application in Soft Tissues

Selma Camargo, PhD
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Dentistry 101- Demystifying New Concepts in Cariology

Ron Kaminer, DDS

This program is designed for the Doctor and Hygienist team, taking traditional concepts in Cariology and making them current, modern and ext
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Implementing Dental Lasers in the General Practice: A Real-World Report

David Peck, DMD

It's a fact: lasers are here to stay in dentistry. They are tools that improve clinical results, open new treatment paradigms, significantly
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Predictable Implants - by Preserving Bone During Extractions with New Instruments

David L. Hoexter, DMD

Utilizing simplifying, new instruments leads to preserving bone during extractions making implants more predictable.
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - New and Improved! Profitable clinical techniques for your practice

George Freedman, DDS

Dr. George Freedman presents an analytical summary of recently introduced dental products based on clinical experience.
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Perfect your Online Presence

David Evans, PhD

This course will focus on the various factors that influence Internet Presence and describe how dental practices can attain “High Internet P
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Direct Posterior Composites - A Rapid, Simplified Placement Technique

Ron Jackson, DDS

Posterior composite resin restorations have become mainstream. These restorations seal teeth, reinforce remaining tooth structure, allow con
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GNYDM Symposium 2012 - Achieving Predictable Success with Endodontics

Chris Glass, DMD

Utilize Coltene’s Hyflex Rotary Files (Controlled Memory NiTi) to Achieve Anatomically Correct Working Widths During Root Canal Therapy.
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