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The Patient Centered Practice

Sherry Blair

Increasing treatment acceptance through relationships. Why does traditional treatment presentation not work?
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Digital Technology and the Future of Dentistry

Larry Emmott, DDS

Computers aren’t just for numbers any more. Some of the most exciting and incredible developments in technology are in the area of advanced
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*dots*-Associations-between-Oral-Biofilm*sl*Dental-Plaque-and-Life-threatening-Diseases-1-1222/small.jpg

Dental Hygiene Research Meeting - Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment: Associations between Oral Biofilm/Dental Plaque and Life threatening Diseases

Prof. Birgitta Söder

Non surgical periodontal treatment is the most important responsibility for dental hygienists. Today we are getting more and more informatio
Free Dental Hygiene

A Review of Smile Design Parameters

Graziano Giglio, DDS

All restorative dentists share the same goal: deliver restorations in the aesthetic zone that replicate natural teeth. If only it were a si
$49.00 1.5 CE Cosmetics

Anterior Endodontics for the General Practitioner

Allan Deutsch, DMD

Fill to the radiographic apex? Okay to be long? Better to be short? One visit? Two visits? Are non-vital teeth treated differently than vita
$59.00 2 CE Endodontics*dots*--Anterior-Crossbites-1-1205/small.jpg

Orthodontic Techniques in General or Pediatric Dental Practice: Anterior Crossbites

Elliott Moskowitz, DDS

Orthodontics has always been the domain of orthodontists. Not anymore! While orthodontists certainly have unique training and tackle all sor
$39.00 1 CE Orthodontics

Creating Natural Looking Implant Retained Prosthesis

Arnold Liebman, DDS

Natural Looking Implant Retained Prosthesis are beautiful and functional when they follow smile design principles and replicate nature.
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Improving Clinical Outcomes with Enhanced Communication

Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, RDH, BS, MBA

Every superb dental professional needs two things – excellent clinical or technical expertise and excellent communication skills. This semi
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*qm*-1-1190/small.jpg

Why Patient Recall?

Ron Barsotti

How important is patient recall to the success of your practice? Over 70 % of practice revenues stem from patient recall yet underperformin
Free 1 CE Practice Management*em7*--Pohlhaus-2-218439/small.jpg

Practical Applications of Lasers in Dental Practice

Steven R. Pohlhaus, DDS, FAGD

Dental Lasers are versatile instruments that can be used in every discipline of dentistry. Many laser dentists have minimized their use of
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Oral health and pulmonary disease

Frank Scannapieco, DMD, PhD

Recent research suggests associations between poor oral health status and pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia. This presentation will revie
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)

Douglas Young, DDS

Dental caries is an infectious disease affecting children and adults throughout life. This course will address current trends in caries dise
Free 1 CE General Dentistry
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