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Proven Ways to Make TENS a Thriving Part of Your Practice No Matter Where You Live!

John Pawlowicz, DMD, LVIF

Do you believe in the principles and power of NMD but you are not using your J5 TENS as frequently as you would like?
$49.00 2 CE General Dentistry

Dental Alchemy-using Primespeak to transform an apathetic patient into your ideal patient

How did an Australian company become the world's largest dental practice management company? It solved the biggest problem that Dentists fac
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Six Steps to a Paperless Practice

Lorne Lavine, DDS

Most dental practices have come to realize how quickly technology has become part of everyday life in the practice.
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Connecting You To Your Potential: Image Is Everything?

Judy Kay Mausolf

Is your personal and professional image inspired by who you are inside and where you want to go? Your image is a statement that sets other’
Free 2 CE Practice Management*em7*-Brian-Allman-2-9527/small.jpg

Heart Attack, Stroke, Obesity: Is Dentistry to Blame?


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is an insidious and treacherous pandemic killer linked to craniofacial causes
$49.00 2 CE General Dentistry

The Neuromuscular Practice-Putting it all Together

Prabu Raman, DDS

Exceptional clinical skills in Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) are very important. However, implementing this knowledge in a private practice
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management*em7*-Comisi-2-8433/small.jpg

Caries Management using S-PRG Technology

John C. Comisi, DDS, MAGD
Free 1 CE Cosmetics*em7*E*em7*-Symposia-at-DENTAL-SALON-in-Moscow-5-571/small.jpg

Dental Tribune Study Club C.E. Symposia at DENTAL SALON in Moscow

Alexander Shumsky, D.M.D. / Daniel McEowen, DDS / Dmitri Boutoussov, PhD, Vice President of Engineering, BIOLASE Technology, Inc. / Elena Vergizaeva / Louie Al-Faraje , DDS / Lynn Mortilla, RDH / OLEG S. NASHTATIK / Olga Risovannaya / Renzo C. Casellini, MDT / Vavi Bohbot
Free 12 CE World Symposia

The Importance of the Flap Design in Relation to the Type of the Underlying Bone Defect

Dr. Enrique Merino

Endodontic Microsurgery must be performed with two goals.
Free Endodontics

Possibilities and limits of lasers and radio frequency in dentistry

Dr. med. Frank Liebaug

Prof. Dr. Liebaug shows opportunities and limitations of innovative laser systems in its daily practical daily use with reference to own cli
Free Implantology

Top 10 uses of Picasso Soft Tissue Lasers

Ron Kaminer, DDS

In this program, Dr. Ron Kaminer will be discussing the top 10 uses of Picasso laser technology for general practitioners.
Free Lasers

Safe, Effective & Proven Endodontic Irrigation: The Final Frontier

Garry Bey, D.D.S.

This program covers the latest in endodontic irrigation – the safest, most proven methods available in endodontics.
Free Endodontics

The Diode Laser: The Soft Tissue Handpiece

Fay Goldstep, DMD / George Freedman, DDS

The AMD Picasso is THE soft tissue handpiece and is an essential part of dental practice for the dentist and the hygienist
Free Lasers

Cone Beam for Everybody!

Daniel McEowen, DDS

Dr. McEowen will discuss PreXion 3D high resolution images and spend time with real scans.
Free General Dentistry

Incorporating Cone Beam Computed Tomography into the Dental Office

Daniel McEowen, DDS
Free General Dentistry
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