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Sofia Dental Meeting 2011 - Laser Apicoectomy

Prof. Aslan Gokbuget

If conventional endodontic treatment is not possible or not successful, apical endodontic surgery may be indicated. New techniques, material
$49.00 Endodontics*dots*-Demonstration-of-anterior-restoration-5-1126/small.jpg

Sofia Dental Meeting 2011 - Conservative esthetic solutions : Demonstration of anterior restoration

Angelo Putignano, MD, DDS

The restoration of the anterior region using direct techniques has always encountered a partially unsatisfied generic dentist, complaining o
$49.00 Endodontics

Nuevas Alternativas a las Restauraciones Directas Mediante el Uso de Resinas de Nano Partículas con técnicas indirectas.

Edgar Garcia Hurtado, Odontologo / Rehabilitador Oral

El curso tiene como objetivo establecer las indicaciones para el manejo de técnicas indirectas con resinas de Nano-Rellenos y adicionalment
Free 1 CE General Dentistryábio-Bezerra-2-9700/small.jpg

Excellence in Implant Esthetics Implant Strong

Dr. Fábio Bezerra

This course will present the main characteristics of macro-geometrical and clinical applications of the strong internal hex implants SW and
Free Implantology

The Pinnacle of Perfection

Chong Lee, DDS / Mike Milne, CDT

Take your beautiful cases to new plateaus. This lecture will discuss the importance of the close working relationship necessary between the
$49.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Current Trends in the Medical Management of Hedaches: New Theories, targets and approaches

Manisha Patel

Headache is one of the most common medical complaints encountered by neuromuscular dentists and can be symptomatic of a distinct pathologic
$49.00 2 CE General Dentistry

Periodontal Therapy for the Laser Hygienist

Angie Mott, RDH

From this course you will learn, the laser physics, tissue interactions, new technologies available and how to consider implementing lasers
$49.00 2 CE Periodontics

Team Environments: Dramatic , Draconian, Or Down Right Amazing

Dr. Timothy Twigg

There’s no crying in baseball--or in dentistry--or so they say. There is no place for emotions in the workplace, right? Wrong! There is noth
$49.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Digital Impressions Using the Cadent iTero System

This program is a comprehensive overview on the digital impression process utilizing the iTero digital impression system from Cadent. Partic
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Controlled Studies in Occlusion and Sleep Breathing Disorders at LVI

Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

The Las Vegas Institute by the very nature of the way it offers live patient courses is an excellent laboratory for the testing of many hypo
$49.00 2 CE General Dentistry

Traveling at the Speed of Life

Fred Calavassy

We are all on a journey of some description, whether it be educating ourselves to be better dentists, meeting up with old friends, being a p
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

The Power of “UN”

Fred Calavassy

Ever wondered how your life would be if you could rewind the clock? Who wouldn't want the ability to undo a mistake, an event, an accident,
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, Take it to the Next Level

David Buck, DDS

This presentation will take the LVI “Smile” Design Rules as a foundation for smile design, and greatly expand it to enhance the esthetic out
$49.00 2 CE Cosmetics*em7*-Brown-2-9542/small.jpg

Confidence in Indirect Adhesion

Douglas J. Brown

“Indirect Adhesion is Created!” Our ability to diagnose and treat the needs of both Indirect and Direct dental substrates is the key to opti
$49.00 2 CE General Dentistry

How to do More Clinically and Make More money with Your Laser

DDS Jay Ohmes

Many clinicians have lasers, but often they are under utilized.
$49.00 2 CE Lasers
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