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Why Patient Recall?

Ron Barsotti

How important is patient recall to the success of your practice? Over 70 % of practice revenues stem from patient recall yet underperformin
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Questions and Answers with a Dental Embezzlement Expert

David Harris, MBA, CMA FICB CD, Licensed Private Investigator

David Harris, the “dental fraud guru” will answer some of the most-asked questions about fraud in dental offices, and will respond to questi
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Sign of the Times - Stuck, Stagnating, Stalled

Gary Kadi

Have you been wondering why what worked in the past is not working today? Consider that you are running a practice business model that is ex
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Using Emotion To Your Advantage By Creating Memorable Moments For Yourself, Your Patients and Your Team

Getting involved in neuromuscular dentistry can be overwhelming on many fronts from learning new clinical skills to redefining team roles an
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Dammit Jim, I’m a dentist not a...

Amy Norman, DDS

The biggest decisions facing dentists every day don’t have to do with dental materials or where to place a margin. Yet, when it comes time
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Everything Counts! How to Maximize Patient Interactions

Debbie Castanaga / Virginia Moore

Everything we do counts in today’s dental environment because there is less room for error. Come and learn how to maximize these four critic
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Comprehensive Dentistry Using Digital Impression Technology

iTero: State of the art science and parallel confocal imaging, Creating a perfect impression with iTero 4.0: Real Time Modeling, Eraser Feat
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Life is too short to learn exclusively from our own mistakes

Ginny Hegarty

On any given day, the most talented team can lose a sporting event. We’ve all suffered the heartbreak of having “our” teams come up short. I
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Overcoming Life’s Goliaths And The Power Of Vision

We all have Goliaths- barriers, obstacles and challenges that, in these difficult times, try to hold us down or keep us back from achieving
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

PCI and HIPPAA Compliance “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”

Brian Sachs

Brian Sachs, a 20+ veteran in the payment card industry and data security, will be lecturing on key regulation that has impacted his (and ev
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

LVI Global’s 2011 National Marketing Effectiveness Survey: What Works, What Doesn’t, How Much You Should Spend, The New Tactics That Bring in Patients

Bob Weiss

Nationally-recognized marketing experts, who over the past 20 years have successfully marketed cosmetic, full mouth, cardiology, plastic sur
$49.00 1 CE Practice Management

Digital Impressions Using the Cadent iTero System

This program is a comprehensive overview on the digital impression process utilizing the iTero digital impression system from Cadent. Partic
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Traveling at the Speed of Life

Fred Calavassy

We are all on a journey of some description, whether it be educating ourselves to be better dentists, meeting up with old friends, being a p
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

The Power of “UN”

Fred Calavassy

Ever wondered how your life would be if you could rewind the clock? Who wouldn't want the ability to undo a mistake, an event, an accident,
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management

Dental Alchemy-using Primespeak to transform an apathetic patient into your ideal patient

How did an Australian company become the world's largest dental practice management company? It solved the biggest problem that Dentists fac
$49.00 2 CE Practice Management
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