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The role of the use of pacifiers in the dento-alveolar development

Choosing pacifiers that have minimal negative effects on the dento-alveolar development of a child.
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Orthodontic Techniques in General or Pediatric Dental Practice: Anterior Crossbites

Elliott Moskowitz, DDS

Orthodontics has always been the domain of orthodontists. Not anymore! While orthodontists certainly have unique training and tackle all sor
$39.00 1 CE Orthodontics

Comprehensive Dentistry Using Digital Impression Technology - Recorded live at the GNYDM

Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

Read below for the course outline.
Free 1 CE Orthodontics

Proven Ways to Make TENS a Thriving Part of Your Practice No Matter Where You Live!

John Pawlowicz, DMD, LVIF

Do you believe in the principles and power of NMD but you are not using your J5 TENS as frequently as you would like?
$49.00 2 CE Orthodontics*dots*-Planning*em22*-Placement-and-Activation-5-586/small.jpg

Temporary Anchorage Devices in Oral Surgery and Orthodontics: Planning, Placement and Activation

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS) offer the clinician unprecedented opportunities to resolve old clinical problems in a predictable, reprod
$95.00 3 CE Orthodontics

Soft Tissue Lasers Adjunctive to Orthodontic Treatment

Louis Chmura, D.M.D.

Use of a Diode Laser not only reduces orthodontic treatment time, it allows vastly improved orthodontic outcomes. We will discuss all aspec
Free 1 CE Orthodontics

Total Facial Esthetics for Every Dental Practice

Louis Malcmacher, DDS

The primary goal of this seminar is to teach dental professionals the background and usage of Botox and dermal fillers in daily dental pract
Free 1 CE Orthodontics

Choosing Between Implants and Endodontics for Ideal Prosthodontic Results in the Esthetic Zone

Keeping the success of implant therapy both esthetically and functionally in mind, this course will explore the diagnostic variables and cor
$199.00 1 CE Orthodontics

Achieving Excellence in Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization

In this course, Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. David Garber will present an incisionless approach to immediate implant placement.
$199.00 2 CE Orthodontics

Neuromuscular Dentistry: Science and Technique

In this course, Dr. Rhys Spoor will explain what neuromuscular dentistry is and what it is not.
$199.00 2 CE Orthodontics

Ortho and the General Practitioner

In this course, Dr. David Jackson will present the following:
$199.00 2 CE Orthodontics

Orthodontics and the General Practitioner

In this course, Dr. Brock Rondeau will discuss what general and pediatric dentists need to know to diagnose and treat simple orthodontic cas
$199.00 1 CE Orthodontics

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Esthetic Implant Treatment

In this course, Dr. David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama and Dr. Maurice Salama will discuss a new, incision-free approach to immediate implant pl
$199.00 2 CE Orthodontics

We are all Connected

Douglas Chase, D.D.S.

Anyone interested in the range of services patients can be directed to for various special care needs for assessment, treatment and/or diagn
$49.00 1 CE Orthodontics

Improving Periodontal Health Through Orthodontic Treatment

Robert Boyd, DDS

Recent literature has indicated that small but significant overall periodontal liability occurs with fixed appliances during orthodontic tre
Free 1 CE Orthodontics
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