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Neuromuscular Mythbusters: A Common Sense Evolution Of NM Dentistry

Jim Harding, DDS

While Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) has been in existence for over 40 years there are still forces within the dental profession who continue
$49.00 1 CE Occlusion

Predictable Hole In One With The First NM Bite On Your Patient

Bill Wade, CDT / Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

Neuromuscular treatment begins with creating a balance within the stomatognathic system. Such balance is brought about by first having the p
$49.00 1 CE Occlusion

The TMD Decision Tree Navigating The Complexities Of Treating TMD And Incorporating NMD Into Your Daily Dental Practice

Tony Pensak, DDS

You’ve experienced the epiphany of what neuromuscular dentistry can do for your patients, but because each case is unique, you lack a clear
$49.00 1 CE Occlusion

Craniomandibular Disorders: Fact or Fiction

Gary Wolford, DDS, FICCMO

Most dentists do not understand many of the basic diagnoses of Craniomandibular Disorders. The etiology or the major and minor causes of Cra
$49.00 1 CE Occlusion

Controlled Studies in Occlusion and Sleep Breathing Disorders at LVI

Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

The Las Vegas Institute by the very nature of the way it offers live patient courses is an excellent laboratory for the testing of many hypo
$49.00 2 CE Occlusion

The Neuromuscular Practice-Putting it all Together

Prabu Raman, DDS

Exceptional clinical skills in Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) are very important. However, implementing this knowledge in a private practice
$49.00 2 CE Occlusion

Changing Our Attitudes Towards Pain Patients

To teach the principles of managing patients with TMD symptoms related to occlusion disharmony specifically pain related symptoms.
$49.00 1 CE Occlusion