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How to Manage Deficient Ridges

This is a four-part course presented by Dr. Michael Pikos.
$199.00 3 CE Implantology

Treating Partially Edentulous Patients With Single and Segmental Dentistry

In this course, Dr. Maurice Salama will present case selection strategies, diagnosis and treatment planning for single crowns, segmental bri
$199.00 2 CE Implantology

Treating Fully Edentulous Patients With Overdentures and Anchors

In this course, Dr. Maurice Salama will present essential implant prosthetic principles, including impression making, temporization techniqu
$199.00 2 CE Implantology

Achieving Excellence in Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization

In this course, Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. David Garber will present an incisionless approach to immediate implant placement.
$199.00 2 CE Implantology

Bone Grafting and Management of Extraction Sites

this course, Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. David Garber will present case evaluation and selection techniques, including radiographic analysis
$199.00 1 CE Implantology

Implants or Endodontics in the Esthetic Zone: Creating the Ideal Platform

In this course, Dr. Tom McGarry will show participants how to identify the anatomic limitations of the tooth socket in immediate implant pla
$199.00 2 CE Implantology

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Implants with Immediate Temporization: Advanced Techniques

In this course, Dr. Tim Silegy will introduce participants to minimally invasive surgery and immediate provisionalization using tapered impl
$199.00 1 CE Implantology

Techniques for Implant-Retained, Immediate-Load Over-Denture

In this course, Dr. David Guichet will show participants how to identify the role of computer-guided treatment in implant site planning and
$99.00 1 CE Implantology

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Esthetic Implant Treatment

In this course, Dr. David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama and Dr. Maurice Salama will discuss a new, incision-free approach to immediate implant pl
$199.00 2 CE Implantology*dots*-Lessons-Learned~The-Good*em22*-The-Bad*em22*-and-the-Ugly-5-258/small.jpg

Guided Implant Surgery: Lessons Learned-The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Jack Krauser, DMD

This presentation will demonstrate the 8 critical steps for a successful guided surgery cases.
$49.00 1 CE Implantology

Occlusion: Implant Surgery and the Neuromuscular Approach

Dr. Leo Malin

In a live patient program, Dr. Leo Malin will present a state-of-the-art process for dental implant treatment planning, including patient wo
$199.00 1 CE Implantology*em22*-how*em22*-*and*-when*qm*-5-177/small.jpg

My First Esthetic Implant Case - why, how, & when?

Dr. Marius Steigmann

Aesthetic dental implants are of increasing importance in today’s dentistry. Success from the aesthetic aspect requires bone height and widt
$95.00 1 CE Implantology

Immediate Tooth Replacement in the Esthetic Zone

Barry Levin, D.M.D.

The time frame of 3-6 months of unloaded healing is not always mandatory any longer. With osteoconductive implant surfaces, newer implant ma
$95.00 1 CE Implantology

Mini Dental Implants to Retain Lower Dentures – Live Patient Procedure

The use of mini dental implants to help retain and stabilize a complete lower denture has helped improve the quality of life for many patien
$95.00 1 CE Implantology

3D Imaging and CT-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Jay B. Reznick, D.M.D., M.D.

Cone Beam technology has brought the power of 3D imaging in to the dental office. CT-Guided dental implant planning and surgical techniques
$95.00 1 CE Implantology
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