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Bone ring technique

In this webinar both methods, autogenious and allogenious rings, and possible indications will be discussed.
Free 1 CE Implantology

Implants by the Numbers

Scott Sauer, DDS

It is extremely gratifying to restore an implant with a naturally esthetic result.
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Implant dentistry: a structured approach to treatment planning of advanced clinical cases utilizing modern digital technologies

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Christoph Hämmerle

Prof. Christoph Hämmerle guides the audience through the established planning process of a complex clinical case utilizing the well-develope
Free 2 CE Implantology

Myths of mini-implant dentistry

Allan H. Fuhr, DMD
Free 1 CE Implantology

Smile Design and Ceramic Restoration in Esthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Christian Coachman

Replacing missing teeth within the esthetic zone in an esthetically satisfactory fashion has been and still is a major challenge in dentistr
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Avoiding dental implant and bone grafting complications through the use of cone beam technology

Rick Ferguson, DMD

The modern day practice of dental implantology relies on the clear 3D visualization for predictability and maximum success.
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Utilizing 3D imaging: The New Standard of Care

Alan Winter, DDS, FACD

Once used sparingly, CT imaging has become more commonplace over the last decade, yet not all dentists recognize its value nor how it can af
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The use of short dental implants in reduced alveolar bone height

Eli Raviv, DMD, Associate Professor of Dentistry

Sinus lift and onlay bone grafting are invasive procedures. Due to the risks and morbidity of the procedures, costs and time, patients are r
Free 1 CE Implantology

Understanding Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

David Gane, DDS, PhD

Three dimensional CBCT technologies provide the practitioner with accurate representations ofthe teeth, face and jaws and airways. It is no
Free 1 CE Implantology

Minimally invasive implant dentistry for the general practitioner

Dr. Armin Nedjat / Ron Kaminer, DDS

The program will cover the complete technique of minimally invasive implant surgery and prosthetic restoration. Even the general practitione
Free 1 CE Implantology

Capitalize on the Hidden Implant Production in Your Practice

Paul Goodman

How the general dentist can enhance the implant portion of their practice and why loupes should be used on a daily basis.
Free 1 CE Implantologyábio-Bezerra-2-9700/small.jpg

Excellence in Implant Esthetics Implant Strong

Dr. Fábio Bezerra

This course will present the main characteristics of macro-geometrical and clinical applications of the strong internal hex implants SW and
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Possibilities and limits of lasers and radio frequency in dentistry

Dr. med. Frank Liebaug

Prof. Dr. Liebaug shows opportunities and limitations of innovative laser systems in its daily practical daily use with reference to own cli
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Dentalbiopole - the first European private cluster in Dental Implantology

Leila Borsali

Drive Implants, newcomer in high tech and innovative dental Implants, based in Lyon France, Biom’Up, a young and very performing bone substi
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