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Evidence-Based Prevention

Dr. Richard Niederman

More than 500 new human clinical trials confront clinicians each year. Deciding which to believe and which to ignore is a significant chall
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

How do we know what to believe?

Dr. Richard Niederman

More than 500 new human clinical trials confront clinicians each year. Deciding which to believe and which to ignore is a significant chall
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Optimizing periodontal, restorative and implant therapy with a 1064 laser

Robert Horowitz, DDS

Implant and periodontal therapy made more predictable with a small, portable laser.
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*em22*-1064-NdiYag*em22*-1064-diode-emphasis-on-periodontal-procedures-5-764/small.jpg

Overview of the most practical procedures performed by erbium, 1064 NdiYag, 1064 diode emphasis on periodontal procedures

Hard and soft tissue lasers are used to add to the general dentists inventory of procedures.
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ABC’s of Bonding Ceramic Crowns and Ceramic Repair

George Freedman, DDS / Marc Gottlieb, DDS

Dentists see, hear or receive information about all-ceramic crowns and bridges every day. Are the days of porcelain fused to metal over? The
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*em23*-Fiction*em22*-Fact-and-Advancements-*em11*Precision-Buffering*em12*-5-761/small.jpg

Local Anesthetic Performance; Fiction, Fact and Advancements (Precision Buffering)

Mic Falkel, DDS / Stanley F. Malamed, D.M.D.

This presentation will focus on the science and clinical performance of local anesthesia, including recent advancements. A review of the doc
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*em22*-Post-*and*-Cores-and-Understanding-Ferrule-5-763/small.jpg

Core Buildups, Post & Cores and Understanding Ferrule


Discussion on how to restore endodontically treated teeth and the decision making process on core buildup verses a post & core will be addre
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Neuromuscular Mythbusters: A Common Sense Evolution Of NM Dentistry

Jim Harding, DDS

While Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) has been in existence for over 40 years there are still forces within the dental profession who continue
$49.00 1 CE General Dentistry

The Power of Occlusion: Making Your Dreams A Reality

Mark Duncan, DDS / Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

In this presentation we will discuss some of the surprising dentally related issues so many of our patients have and never tell their dentis
Free 3 CE General Dentistry

Understanding the advances in self adhesive technology and how to incorporate them into your restorative practice

Dr. Marty Jablow

There is considerable confusion for the practitioner when discussing self adhesive materials and when to best utilize these different types
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*qm*-A-Common-Sense-Approach-To-3D-Imaging-In-The-General-Practice-5-758/small.jpg

Why View Your 3D Patients With 2D Images? A Common Sense Approach To 3D Imaging In The General Practice

Damien Mulvany, DMD, MAGD

This clinical presentation will show how 3D technology can be easily and profitably incorporated into a general dental practice.
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Remember When “e” was Just a Letter?

Larry Emmott, DDS

Digital technology is revolutionizing every aspect of dental practice including how we make clinical decisions and how we communicate. One o
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

The Power of Dentistry

Shamshudin Kherani, DDS, FAGD, LVIM

Our patients have to deal with a myriad of pain and dysfunction issues that out of necessity become chronic as the patient has to go through
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

What Patients Want… What Dentists Want: Easy, Healthy Dentistry!

Fay Goldstep, DMD

Today's well-informed dental patient is concerned more than ever with health and healthy options. Health is now the driving force for dental
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Dental Materials Update: Living In A Metal Free World

Mark Duncan, DDS

Dentistry continues to grow through some of the most rapid and dynamic changes in techniques and technology in its history. For some 100+ ye
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