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Get to the Apex More Safely and Easily – live Patient Procedure

Garry Bey, D.D.S.

This live demonstration is designed for the practitioner who is seeking new ways to practice endodontics safely, predictably and more freque
$95.00 2 CE General Dentistry

More Than Just Teeth and Gums

Ron Schefdore, DDS

Dental professionals are now incorporating blood screening, evidence based supplementation , laser therapy, DNA testing, and physician refer
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry


Derek Fine, DMD

Cone Beam technology is taking dentistry by storm. From its uses in placing implants to oral surgery to orthodontics, this technology allows
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry*and*-Tools-for-Today*em18*s-Healing-Dentistry-5-237/small.jpg

Know Your Products & Tools for Today's Healing Dentistry

Fay Goldstep, DMD

Dental therapy has returned to its CONSERVE-ative basics: - Less removal of tooth and periodontal structures - Less intervention in the he
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry

E4D Sky: Dentistry's Destination

Gary Severance, DDS / Lee Culp, CDT

Join Dr. Gary Severance and Lee Culp, CDT as they explore the constellation of stars under the E4D Sky™.
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry

High resolution Cone Beam with PreXion 3D

Daniel McEowen, DDS

Cone Beam Computed Tomography offers a whole new paradigm to dental radiography. From what has been conventional 2D images, dentists now ha
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry

The Power of Cone Beam Technology

Daniel McEowen, DDS

Cone beam computed tomography is fast becoming the choice for both diagnosis and treatment planning. In many instances, CBCT soon will becom
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry

RS1 Carrier Based Root-Filling Concept

Martin Trope, D.M.D.

Thermoplastic techniques to fill a root canal are assumed superior to single cone or lateral condensation. However the techniques are diffic
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry

The Advantage of Small FoV High Resolution CBCT Imaging

Daniel McEowen, DDS

This presentation will instruct you on how to take a 360 degree rotation with either 512 or 1024 projections during the scanning time. You w
$49.00 1 CE General Dentistry

Cone Beams

Daniel McEowen, DDS

PreXion 3-D Dental Scanners are addressing the rapid shift in dentistry from analog-based 2-D film radiography to digital 2-D and 3-D volume
Free 1 CE General Dentistry*sl*CAM-~-The-Power-of-Technology-in-Clinical-Restorative-Dentistry-5-15/small.jpg

CEREC CAD/CAM - The Power of Technology in Clinical Restorative Dentistry

CAD-CAM technology has revolutionized the practice of dentistry, with enormous implications for the delivery of patient care that is timely,
$45.00 2 CE General Dentistry

Predictable Canal Enlargement with the Twisted File

Richard Mounce, DDS

The discussion will be comprehensive, clinically oriented and directed at the general dentist with a strong interest in endodontics as well
$95.00 1 CE General Dentistry
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