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Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Management

Luciana M. Shaddox, DDS, MS, PhD

In this webinar, the association between Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases will be elucidated, with special emphasis to how it impacts Perio
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Fibre reinforced composites … a real break-through

Stephane Browet, DDS
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New Technology Trends in Dental Practice

Paul Feuerstein, DMD

An introductory look at new caries detection systems (including early detection/CAMBRA/decalcification), 3D digital radiography ( Conebeam),
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Preparation techniques and fixation of all-ceramic restorations - What are the key issues?

Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger

Ceramic restorations have been scientifically recognized for a long time and enjoy great popularity because they are free of metal and give
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Expanding Your Practice with a Holistic, High Tech Approach to Treating Periodontal Disease

Carey O'Rielly, DDS

With a greater understanding of the oral systemic connections and how it applies to your practice, you will be able to take your practice to
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Why Every Dentist Should Have a Cone Beam 3D Machine. (Find out why I purchased two!)

Participants taking this course will learn more about the latest developments of the 3D cone beam industry.
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Appropriate Chemotherapeutics for Advanced Periodontal Therapies

Gregory E. Oxford, DDS, MS, PhD

Not all patients that need or require surgical periodontal care are candidates for this form of therapy. A variety of factors preclude them
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The Special Patient with Autism &/or Anxiety: How you can help…..

Karen Raposa, RDH, MBA

Learning about the patient with autism can also be extremely beneficial to the care and treatment of the patient with fear and anxiety. Thi
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GLO Science Professional: Revolutionizing Smiles

Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, PC
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How stem cells may transform oral health care

Jeremy Mao, DDS, PhD
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Forensic Dentistry in Everyday Practice

Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, FAADH

Forensic Dentistry is that part of science that deals with Dentistry and the Law. All members of the dental field have knowledge and expert
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Adhesive systems: Overview, Evaluation, Development

Lorenzo Breschi, DDS, PhD
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CBCT: An Indispensable Technology for All Dentists

Steven A. Guttenberg, DDS, MD

Dentists must have a good understanding of the anatomy of the jaws prior to treating acquired or congenital tooth loss, dental and osseous p
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Advanced Concepts in the Evaluation, Assessment & Care of Dental Implants

Lynn Mortilla, RDH

Implant maintenance is the cornerstone for dental implant long-term success. This course will present an introduction to implants and dental
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The Patient Centered Practice

Sherry Blair

Increasing treatment acceptance through relationships. Why does traditional treatment presentation not work?
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