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Anterior Endodontics for the General Practitioner

Allan Deutsch, DMD

Fill to the radiographic apex? Okay to be long? Better to be short? One visit? Two visits? Are non-vital teeth treated differently than vita
$59.00 2 CE Endodontics

Lasers in Endodontics

Selma Camargo, PhD

Laser Fundamentals, lasers in Endodontics, research basis, Conventional Endodontic Therapy – limitations, laser therapy in Endodonics – clin
Free 1 CE Endodontics

"Pulp Fiction" AKA "Truth Decay"

Kit Weathers, DDS

Guess what, you didn't learn everything in dental school, and my seminar on Pulp Fiction will help you separate truth from fiction.
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Sofia Dental Meeting 2011 - Laser Apicoectomy

Prof. Aslan Gokbuget

If conventional endodontic treatment is not possible or not successful, apical endodontic surgery may be indicated. New techniques, material
$49.00 Endodontics*dots*-Demonstration-of-anterior-restoration-5-1126/small.jpg

Sofia Dental Meeting 2011 - Conservative esthetic solutions : Demonstration of anterior restoration

Angelo Putignano, MD, DDS

The restoration of the anterior region using direct techniques has always encountered a partially unsatisfied generic dentist, complaining o
$49.00 Endodontics

The Importance of the Flap Design in Relation to the Type of the Underlying Bone Defect

Dr. Enrique Merino

Endodontic Microsurgery must be performed with two goals.
Free Endodontics

Safe, Effective & Proven Endodontic Irrigation: The Final Frontier

Garry Bey, D.D.S.

This program covers the latest in endodontic irrigation – the safest, most proven methods available in endodontics.
Free Endodontics*dots*-Technique-and-Placement-Considerations-5-587/small.jpg

Endosteal Implants in the Posterior Mandible: Technique and Placement Considerations

This Live patient program will demonstrate the placement of an endosteal implant on a patient in the mandibular second molar space.
$95.00 3 CE Endodontics

Cleaning and shaping with new technology

Bettina Basrani, DDS, Phd.

Cleaning and shaping a root canal are two inseparable concepts of endodontics. Shaping facilitates the penetration of disinfecting solutions
Free 1 CE Endodontics*dots*-Live-Patient-Demonstration-5-592/small.jpg

Advanced Imaging for the New and Retreatment Endodontic Patient: Live Patient Demonstration

Affordable high resolution 2D & 3D imaging technologies and techniques coupled with new computer software advances are revolutionizing endod
$95.00 3 CE Endodontics

The Cutting Edge of Endodontic Microsurgery

For many years, apical surgery has been regarded as the last treatment option before extraction. This presentation will describe general gui
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Retreatment or Implants: Are the endodontists capable to decide?

Dr. Carlos Murgel

Abstract: Since the introduction and acceptance of osseointegrated dental implants in modern dentistry, endodontics has been challenged on i
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Endodontics & Implants, discovering the potential of each side

Dr. Enrique Merino

Actual controversy between endo and implant therapy is normally produced by the clinician’s lack of information about the potential and limi
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics*em7*--Hoyo-2-3275/small.jpg

Endodontics Implants Algorithm

Jose M. Hoyo, D.M.D., PC

There is a new vision in dentistry that is gradually being recognized and referred as the endo-implant algorithm. This presentation pretends
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics

Microscope Centered Practice: Ergonomics & Documentation

Glenn van As, BSc. , D.M.D

In the discipline of endodontics the integration of the Dental Operating Microscope (D.O.M.) has become an indispensable part of the clinica
$49.00 1 CE Endodontics
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