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Preparation and Materials Options for Esthetic Veneers

In this course, Dr. Gary M. Radz and Dr. Mitch Conditt will present indications for determining which material is best for each veneer case.
$199.00 4 CE Cosmetics

Clinical Techniques for Exceptional Results in Porcelain Veneers

Tooth preparation is extremely variable and is dependent upon the structural integrity of the tooth, functional concerns, tooth contour chan
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Home Bleaching vs. Power Bleaching

Patients now request tooth whitening more than ever, thanks in large part to reality TV shows that portray beauty pageants and life-altering
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Treatment Planning for Restoring Anterior Teeth

The facebow is probably one of the most important yet underutilized diagnostic recording tools.
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Esthetic Mockup With Wax and Composite

Dental assistants are important players in making things happen in a dental practice, including waxups that look and function as well as tho
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Achieving Excellence in Posterior Provisionals

The provisional restoration is a critical component in treatment, and the design for the provisional restoration begins with a gathering of
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

What’s New in Clinical Materials

This course, presented by Shannon Pace, DA II, guides dental assistants through the most current information available on today’s various ae
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

How to Create Superior Anterior Provisionals

The provisional restoration is critical in treatment of patients, and the design for the provisional restoration begins with a gathering of
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

All-Ceramic Restorations for Posterior Teeth

In this course, Dr. Cherilyn Sheets and Dr. Jacinthe Pacquette will present the following:
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

All-Ceramic Restorations for Anterior Teeth

In this course, Dr. David Hornbrook will present the following:
$199.00 3 CE Cosmetics

Conservative Preparation for Porcelain Veneers in Anterior Teeth

In this course, Dr. Ross Nash will present predictable esthetic techniques for cases involving anterior veneers.
$199.00 3 CE Cosmetics

Using the Latest Lab Communication Tools to Achieve Advanced Esthetics

In this course, Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki will discuss various communication tools, including the SMILE guide, models, photographs, HIP, ads a
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Focusing on Posterior Esthetics

In this course, Dr. Mike Koczarski will present a technique for direct posterior composites that can be performed successfully at a faster p
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Striving for Excellence in Occlusion

In this course, Dr. Steve Ratcliff will teach participants the skills required to evaluate occlusal conditions and perform occlusal therapy.
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Understanding the Art and Science Behind Direct Resin Restorations

In this course, Dr. Newton Fahl will present the multiple procedural approaches to composites.
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics
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