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Online Dental CE Courses

Developing YOUR Esthetic Practice
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Dr. Charles Barotz discusses and demonstrates the technique for fabricating well-fitting and aesthetically pleasing dentures.
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Porcelain Veneers Within the Dawson Philosophy

In this program you will see a patient treatment planned for a full-mouth rehabilitation, and the first phase taken to completion.
$199.00 3 CE Cosmetics

Digital Artistry - Beyond Imagination

Lee Culp, CDT

In this program you will learn how CAD/CAM technology, when used in conjunction with time-honored restorative techniques, can empower you to
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics*em7*-Schwartz-2-5154/small.jpg

Shade Control and Color Integration of the Single Central Implant Crown

John C. Schwartz, DDS

In this course, Dr. John Schwartz will guide participants in discovering the supple vitality, beauty, and balance that can be obtained by im
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Creating Direct Composite Restorations With Beautiful Esthetic Results

In this course, Dr. Robert A. Lowe will offer techniques to create direct anterior and posterior composite restoration that are morphologica
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Placement of Esthetic Lumineers

Louis Malcmacher, DDS

In this course, Dr. Louis Malcmacher show how easy it is to integrate the newest advances in no- and minimal-preparation Lumineers into a de
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Choosing Between Implants and Endodontics for Ideal Prosthodontic Results in the Esthetic Zone

Keeping the success of implant therapy both esthetically and functionally in mind, this course will explore the diagnostic variables and cor
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics

How to Select Materials for Direct Restorations

When you are choosing a restorative material, it is important that you understand the physical properties of the materials you choose and th
$199.00 2 CE Cosmetics

Complete Technique for Dentures

Rewarding treatment outcomes for both patient and dentist are achievable for dental implant overdenture therapy. But to accomplish consisten
$199.00 1 CE Cosmetics
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