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Dental CE Articles

Ortho C.E. Magazine - Vol.1, No1/2012

Dan McEowen, DDS
$20.00 1 CE Orthodontics

Roots C.E. Magazine - Vol. 2, No. 1/2012

Selma Camargo, PhD
$20.00 1 CE Endodontics

Cone Beam C.E. Magazine - Vol. 1, No.1/2012

Dan McEowen, DDS
$20.00 1 CE Implantology

Laser C.E. Magazine - Vol. 2, No. 1/2012

Claudia Caprioglio, DDS, MS / Dr. Frank Y. W. Yung
$20.00 1 CE Lasers

Implants C.E. Magazine - Vol. 2, No. 1/2012

$20.00 1 CE Implantology

Conservative dentistry achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach

Tom Colina, DMD
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Welcome to the "Block Party"

Curtis Jansen, DDS
Free 1 CE General Dentistry

Laser-assisted dentistry

Dr. Elena Speranza Moll / Lawrence Kotlow, DDS, PC

PART I: Er,Cr;YSGG laser assisted GTR in periodontal surgery PART II: From everyday dentistry to advanced photoacoustic endodontic applicati
$20.00 1 CE Lasers

Implants C.E. Magazine - Vol. 1, No. 1/2011

Dov Almog, DMD / Robert Humphries, DDS, MS / Rosario Sentineri, DDS, MD
$20.00 1 CE Implantology*em7*-Stropko-2-431/small.jpg

Predictable Apical Microsurgery (part 1 of 2)

John J. Stropko, DDS

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to utilize an efficient and effective team approach to perform surgery with less

$20.00 1 CE C.E. Articles

CAD/CAM Dentistry: Mastering Occlusal Function

Todd Ehrlich, DDS, FAGD

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to understand the basis for the mathematical calculation of dental anatomy.

$20.00 1 CE C.E. Articles

Laser dentistry primer

Prof. Dr. Gerd Volland / Dr. Praveen Arany

The following C.E Article contains two parts: LLLT activated Latent TGF-beta1 and Implant exposure with Er:YAG laser (2,940 nm) - A comparis

$20.00 1 CE C.E. Articles

Cosmetic dentistry primer

Barry McArdle, DMD / Dr. Lorin Berland / Sara Kong, DDS

Article: Same-day inlays/onlays strive to save the tooth Authors: Lorin Berland, DMD, FAACD and Sara Kong, DDS
$20.00 1 CE Cosmetics

Practical Laser Dentistry

Claudia Caprioglio, DDS, MS / Jan Tunér, Chair, Department of Prosthodontics / Selma Camargo, PhD
$20.00 1 CE Lasers

Practical CAD/CAM dentistry

Franklin Shull, DMD / John C. Schwartz, DDS / Lyndon Cooper, DDS PhD
$20.00 1 CE General Dentistry
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